Notes from Sept. 15th meeting

Key information from the Sept 15th meeting is noted below (please comment w/any additions or corrections.)  The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 12th, 7:00PM in the Media Center .  These notes are also posted under the meetings tab.

Summary of key items discussed at the Sept. 15th meeting:

  1. Introductions & Membership – Current officers were introduced as well as new attendees.  We had several new members in attendance.  Please remember to send in your dues.  Membership is required in order to receive a scholarship or book award in the spring. Additionally, participation in QuadA is a criteria for selection, so encourage your students to participate in this group. QuadA meetings are held on Tuesdays in Sandy Harrington’s room.  John Cheek  will be serving as PAAS official administration liaison.
  2. State of Mt. Hebron renovation – Rennovations are proceeding on schedule.  The main hallway should be ready by next semester.  Tony Culler, (current VP) sits on the rennovation committee, so if you have questions or issues, please feel free to contact him.
  3. PTSA update – PTSA meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM.  This year, the PTSA will be partnering w/middle schools, the administration and other organizations on an anti-bullying initiative. Concession stands are currently operating on a 90 day provisional usage permit pending systemwide upgrades.
  4. Mentoring Program – QuadA will be hosting the first mentoring program which is scheduled for October 16th.  Seniors will be providing advice to incoming students.  Nazarene Church in Ellicott City has agreed to provide free meeting space for the mentoring sessions (as the school system now charges for meeting rooms).
  5. New York Trip – This trip has been scheduled for November 20th.  Paul Haley is the key contact.  PERMISSION FOR NY STUDENT FIELD TRIP
  6. Open Positions – Volunteers are needed  to chair the following committees & open offices:
    Mentoring Program Facilitator
    Kwanza Celebration Chairperson
    Black History Month Concessions Program Chair
    Black History Month Program Booklet  Chair
    Scholarship Committee Chair
    Rites of Passage Committee Chairman
    Viking Backer – Athletic Affairs
  7. The Next PAAS Event will be the co-sponsorship & participation in Homecoming activities.  This includes plans to sponsor the tailgate, please contact us if you would like to be involved in the planning.
  8. Scholarship, Academics, etc. :
  • This year, we would like to test all students including the 9th graders for the PSAT.  Charge is $13.  Excellent preparation for the SATs.
  • In addition to the SAT classes being offered for a fee ($225?), Mt. Hebron has online prep available free of charge.  Please check family connection for details.
  • Be sure to sign up for SNAP grades
  • It’s never too early to start checking out college applications to see what’s required.  They are out.  Check out the common application as well as potential scholarships at and
  • Be sure to attend the sessions when colleges come on campus to present.  Interviews are encouraged – checking into SKYPE interviews.
  • Saturday Math Academy at Oakland Mills is open to all students from grades 4-12 sponsored by the BSAP.  9AM – 12PM.  Onsite registration for the fall session is Oct. 9th.
  • If your student needs help with an advanced class (GT, Honors, AP), please seek help before making the decision to drop out.  Students often simply require an adjustment period to get used to the academic rigor.

Please comment with any corrections or additions.


About mthpaas

We are the Parents of African American Students (PAAS) at Mt. Hebron High School. Our goal is to close the academic achievement gap and to push our students to ensure that they are maximizing their educational opportunity. Each year we sponsor events and programs to help support and encourage our students and the greater Mt. Hebron community. We want to ensure that we graduate confident, academically strong future leaders and contributers to society.
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One Response to Notes from Sept. 15th meeting

  1. Charles A. Turner says:

    Thanks again to all the parents that attended Tuesday’s PAAS meeting. Remember report cards come out – November 15th. Please sit down with your student and review each class and each grade , his gpa and other notes. Remind them of the honor role mimimal 3.3 GPA, National Honor Society eligibilty is based on cumulative GPA from freshman year to Junior year of nomination GPA requirement 3.3 GPA.

    Please reveiw the syllabus for each class and all projects for the rest of the year. It may be time to reset goals. It has been a good exercise to show our students what they have complete control over academically and what they do not. This exercise has helped me illustrate to my sons that typically they have control over 90% of their grades so they can get all “A’s” a lofty goal but attainable with some coaching. All papers and projects if they follow the directions and turn them in on time – keeping up with homework and turning it in on time – should have them prepared for quizes all tests which may not be in their control however if they have attended every class and completed the reading as well as attended the pre- exam sessions they should have a knowledge of the material . Math which many feel they are not good at the trick is do the problems over and over and than do some more. Lastly we need to encourage our children to not just meet to hangout and play Xbox or Play Station but to meet in a study group to go over material first. Use of study groups should help push everyone to excel. An African American student in each subject area is getting an A we need our students to share that skill.

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