Beauty and the Beast

Will McCorn, a senior, is performing in one of his last productions as a student of Mt. Hebron in the spring production of “Beauty and the Beast”.  Following in the footsteps of other African American performers such as Ossie Davis and Denzel Washington, Will has been an outstanding performer and has participated in many Mt Hebron theater productions over the years.   PAAS  and Quad A members as well as the Mt. Hebron community have enjoyed Will’s passion and diverse theatrical skills.

Let’s all come together to support him as a Village on March 27th at 2:00 pm at Mt. Hebron Auditorium in “Beauty and the Breast”.    Please let Charles Turner know if you can attend.  It will be a memorable night for the entire family, a moment to celebrate.


About mthpaas

We are the Parents of African American Students (PAAS) at Mt. Hebron High School. Our goal is to close the academic achievement gap and to push our students to ensure that they are maximizing their educational opportunity. Each year we sponsor events and programs to help support and encourage our students and the greater Mt. Hebron community. We want to ensure that we graduate confident, academically strong future leaders and contributers to society.
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