Congratulations to Our High Achievers!

While caught up in the day to day education of our students sometimes we need to step back and recognize what makes Howard County Public Schools work. The Howard County – Council of Elders of The Black Community has been the foundation of multiple movements and support organizations like Parent of African American Students and the Alpha Achievers.  This group originally comprised of parents who helped build and settle Howard County over its forty plus history has consistently held the bar high.

Last night they recognized the following Mt. Hebron seniors for having obtained and sustained a greater than 3.0 GPA thru out high school:

Greater than 4.0!

  • Jacqueline Dawson  4.33
  • Cordney C. Landers 4.00
  • Adeola-Ashabi K. Lawai 4.36
  • Kyndall P. Summers 4.24
  • Aisha C. Udochi – 4.05
  • Imani Williams 4.55

3.0 Or greater!

  • Victor Atta-Dakwa
  • Morgan A. Culler
  • Rachel DaSilva
  • Kenneth C. Eaddy
  • Allegra E. Garrett
  • Cody J. Gould
  • Immanuel A. Greene
  • Monique A. Jenkins
  • Gerald J. Jordan
  • Nicholas M. Mburu
  • Jordan T. McPhaull
  • Adetokunbo A. Aderemi-Ibitola
  • Izabelle Mendez
  • Amiya C. Norris
  • Juan J. Pena
  • Dickson K. Poku
  • Imani C. Redd
  • Cheslea L. Stroble
  • Kyndall P. Summers
  • Bradford W. Tucker
  • Justin Turner
  • Nicole G. Turner
  • Aisha C. Udochi
  • Anthony P. Wade
  • Tatiana Williams
  • Jordan T. Wilson

If anyone was forgotten please let us know.  The above names were taken from the Council listing.

One of the greatest moments was to hear again and again the students thank GOD, their parents and name their next goals in various fields of study at some of the great colleges, universities and academies across this country.

Having watched some of our children and their friends thru the years and across the county achieve and grow with excellence should make all us proud and understand the power we have within our village.  I encourage everyone to join us to celebrate the Class of 2011 and to commit to continue to hold the bar higher for our upcoming graduates in the years to come.

It takes a village.


About mthpaas

We are the Parents of African American Students (PAAS) at Mt. Hebron High School. Our goal is to close the academic achievement gap and to push our students to ensure that they are maximizing their educational opportunity. Each year we sponsor events and programs to help support and encourage our students and the greater Mt. Hebron community. We want to ensure that we graduate confident, academically strong future leaders and contributers to society.
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