Black History Month ” A Moment in Time”

“A Moment in Time”

In recognition of Black History Month, the Mount Hebron High School African American Awareness Association (QUAD A) and the Parents of African American Students (PAAS) present “A Moment in Time”, Wednesday, February 20, 2013; snow date: Thursday, February 21, 2013.

School performances will be conducted during morning assemblies with an evening encore for the general public at 7:00 p.m. Suggested donations:  $5 Students and $7 Adults.

Suzanne Haley, former PAAS parent & Play Director, will again assist QUAD A to produce another wonderful performance. This is an opportunity for all students to get involved. Student’s interested in performing, working on the stage crew, or in other capacities should see Ms. Harrington immediately.

This is the largest fundraising event for PAAS; parent and student participation is a huge factor in the success of this event. Ads sold in the Souvenir Program Booklet are a major source of revenue for the PAAS Scholarship Fund.

The rehearsal schedule is being finalized this week; there will be approximately 14 rehearsals. Once the schedule is completed, it will be posted on Facebook, and on the PAAS website. Information will also be available in Ms. Harrington’s classroom.

The Executive Boards of PAAS and QUAD A are asking that every parent and student get involved. Here’s how you can help:

While Mrs. Haley works with the performers and stage crew, parent volunteers are needed to assist with dinner, ensure students remain in the auditorium, and provide assistance      to Mrs. Haley as needed. (2 parents per rehearsals are needed).  If you are available, please contact Karen Thompson, to be added to the schedule.

Rehearsals, along with after school activities can make a school day extremely long. As a result, pizza dinner, snacks, and drinks will be provided on the days when rehearsals      are immediately after school.

If you are interested in donating dinner, snacks, or drinks, please contact Angela Ballard-Landers at or 301-642-3931. Parents are expected to coordinate the deliver or drop off of food.

Parent volunteers are also needed for the Fundraising Committee.  A conference call will be held on Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. (the conference call number will be posted on the PAAS website).  Please contact Angela Ballard-Landers at or 301-642-3931, if you’re available to serve on this committee.

The evening will begin with a VendorVillage; food will also be sold during intermission. If you know of vendor who would be interested in selling their wares at this family event, please provide their contact information to Angela Ballard-Landers at or 301-642-3931.



































About mthpaas

We are the Parents of African American Students (PAAS) at Mt. Hebron High School. Our goal is to close the academic achievement gap and to push our students to ensure that they are maximizing their educational opportunity. Each year we sponsor events and programs to help support and encourage our students and the greater Mt. Hebron community. We want to ensure that we graduate confident, academically strong future leaders and contributers to society.
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